Let’s stop distracted driving at your workplace.

Let's stop distracted driving at your workplace.

Establish a Company Policy

Distracted driving puts the safety of your employees – and your business – at risk. Establishing a company policy against distracted driving can help prevent accidents and reduce liability.

Your business could be on the hook for millions of dollars in liability payments if one of your employees gets in a distracted-driving-related accident. That’s why we offer these free materials to help your business implement a safe driver program and educate your employees about the potential dangers of distracted driving.

Please click the links to the right to download our safe driving program resources for your business.

Tell Us Your Story

Please let us know if your company implements a distracted driving policy. We want to recognize your efforts with our Employer Safe Lanes Honor Roll. Send us an email.

Workplace Risk by the Numbers

Big Liability Payouts From Employeers

Auto Accidents: A Workplace Danger

workplace deaths
24 PERCENT of all occupational fatalities
$24,500 IN DAMAGES
per property crash
$150,000 IN DAMAGES
per injury crash